Author: Saša Randić

Team members:
Ana Aščić, Janja Zovko, Breza Paić, Jurica Sinković

Project type:
direct commission

preliminary design

Dubrovnik, Croatia

1 500 m2

Year design:

3D visualisation:
Arscom studio

The concept of the villa follows the organizational logic of the historical Dubrovnik villa typology. The building is organized in a rectangular two-wing structure, defined principally with a series of intersecting vaults. It is a completely transparent structure enclosed with only glass doors that can be fully folded thus extending the inner space of the villa into the surrounding garden. The garden follows the same logic, defining a geometrized territory inserted in a natural landscape.

The villa is organized on two floors: the ground floor contains a living area extending to the cliff with an outside pool area, with a kitchen and dining area located next to it. The living area is extended on the first floor, with an inner swimming pool area next to it.

The Villa is positioned on the western part of the site, which offers spectacular views of the city of Dubrovnik and the coast. Both floors of the living wing share this vista as well as a view of the valley on the other side. The bedroom wing is also arranged on two floors, providing eight large bedrooms.

The guest house is located on the other side of the geometric garden, sharing the same organizational logic as the main house.