Saša Randić, Idis Turato

Team members:
Janja Zovko, Ivana Žalac, Iva Šulina, Ana Staničić

Rovinj, Croatia

Project type:
public competition, 1. prize

Year designed:

9 200 m2

The hotel is located on the top of the old town’s peninsula in the middle of one of the iconic views of the Adriatic coast.
The current hotel is a mixed structure of the original construction from the 1960s and recent unfortunate additions that have motivated the city’s administration and the hotel owner to search for a solution through a public architectural competition.
Historically, the site has never been part of the densely built medieval structure, it has been vacant till the middle of the last century.

The edge condition between the built and green peak of the city was important for the concept of the project.
The hotel is also and out-of-scale building. Thus the building is a new topography with a series of terraces. The roof structure interlocks the green area and roof tops, changing the green and bricked covering the terraces.