www.comeandcheck.it is the media laboratory of the office; the first Croatian web site for architecture, design and visual arts initiated in 2009 (Croatian version: www.pogledaj.to).
Comeandcheck.it has provided space for communication inside the architectural-construction profession, yet at the same time it is attractive to wide range of readers due to its interesting and attractive themes. The readers constantly involve themselves through the comments and that gives extra dynamic and interactivity to this media. By opening this page, the visitors in one place, every day, get the new portion of fresh information that enters the high standards of quality, relevance and interest. Although Comeandcheck.it writes about news from all over the world, the accent is put on promotion and presentation of the architectural projects from Croatia.
The most recent world trend of the common web sites tells us that comeandcheck.it has been established in our market at the right time and as the relevant media it has accomplished cooperation with leading architectural portal Archdaily.com.