Transport terminals are one of the most significant generators of the city life. At the same time, they are in most cases almost invisible in the build fabric. There are few examples where the city has been built around them, like in the case of Lille.  Nevertheless, potential that large numbers of people generate everyday has been recognized by the commercial sector. Biggest shopping mall in The Netherlands is in the Schiphool airport.


Concept for the area of the metro station starts from two positions. First, that programmatically transport station represents an opportunity for the development of different programs, from commercial to office ones. Second, that an important structure like this one should be appropriately represented in the architectural form.


The proposal integrates transportation terminals into one: bus, train and metro stations, with an addition of parking places between them. Terminal is a place of change of the transportation system and usually a significant portion of the commuters is using the terminal to switch from car to a form of public transport.

Commercial program is located along the communication lines between the terminals. Base of the terminal is in the hill form, through which and on top of it passes the car traffic. The roof surface houses at the same time an open market.


Main feature of the terminal are twin A towers with a mixed program of offices, housing and hotels. Towers form together an M shape seen from the boulevard and the highway leading from the airport, symbolically connecting in the metro sign letters of the Azerbaijan, but at the same time making a clear reference to the mountains as a referential symbol of the country.