Saša Randić

Team members:
Ana Aščić, Janja Zovko, Breza Paić, Jurica Sinković

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Project type:
direct commission

preliminary design

1 500 m2

Year designed:

3D visualisation:
Arscom studio

The villa develops concept of the free-plan building, where the whole site is seen as an extension of the house.

Building is defined with the flying green volume hovering on top of the ground floor. The ground floor contains living areas organized in a free plan, enclosed with the curved glass wall.  Inner and outside swimming pools mark this line, which is intended to be opened as much as the climate conditions allow.

The green volume on top houses bedrooms. It offers eight large bedrooms with terraces, organized in four wings.

Villa is located in the western part of the site, offering spectacular views on the city and the coast. Guest house is detached from the main building, giving greater privacy to the guests. It is following the same conceptual logic of the main building, a free plan space with the outside pool area marking the horizon line of the sea.