Cultural Centre in Bakar

Project teamRandić and AssociatesSaša Randić, Vesna Milutin, Daša Manojlović, Olivija Horvatić, Tina Filjak Juračić, Iva Šulina, Sanja Ipšić-Randić, Iva Vucković StructureIvan Arbanas HVACAndrija Čuljak, Damir Šiljeg PhotographsJure Živković LocationBakar, Croatia Project2012.-2016. Cultural Centre in Bakar, a historical town on the north Adriatic coast, was originally built as Community Centre during the 1970’s. Community Centre’s had… Continue reading Cultural Centre in Bakar

Pope John Paul II Hall

The Church of Our Lady of Trsat is one of the most important pilgrimage sites in Croatia. According to the legend, angels transferred the Nazareth Tabernacle of the Holy Family to Trsat on 10 May 1291 where it remained until 1294 when angels transferred it to Loreto, Italy. The first church was built at the… Continue reading Pope John Paul II Hall


Novigrad Lapidarium Museum houses the collection of early medieval monuments, architectural sculpture and church furnishings, which all come from the neighbouring cathedral. Building is situated inside the park bordered by the cathedral and residential buildings on the other sides. One of the specifics of Novigrad, in comparison with other historical towns on the western coast… Continue reading LAPIDARIUM NOVIGRAD


Looking at Maribor’s riverbank one can’t escape the feeling that the city structure is seriously missing a large river-related opening. Recent constructions have gone even further, with big, anonymous, closed boxes becoming the dominant typology for the waterfront development consuming all available free space. The change of such practice is a priority to the city,… Continue reading MARIBOR DRAVA MUSEUM