Dječja kuća

KULTURNI KOMPLEKS RIKARD BENČIĆ Projekt SAŠA RANDIĆZORANA ŠIMUNOVIĆIVA VUCKOVIĆHELENA DIMITRIŠINDAŠA MANOJLOVIĆOLIVIJA HORVATIĆ Tapiserija i kolorit SANJA IPŠIĆ-RANDIĆ Površina 2.717 m2 Godina 2020 Fotografije: MARKO MIHALJEVIĆ Fotografija krova s pročeljem NIKICA HRVATIN DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE Dječja kuća je zgrada namijenjena djeci u sklopu kulturnog kompleksa Rikard Benčić. Smještena je u Ciglenoj zgradi, industrijskom skladištu s… Continue reading Dječja kuća

Electricity Transmission Operator Facility

Electricity Transmission Operator Facility Architects RANDIĆ I SURADNICI, RIJEKA TeamSAŠA RANDIĆ, IVA VUCKOVIĆ, IVA ŠULINA, ZORANA ŠIMUNOVIĆ LocationMATULJI, CROATIA Area8,496 m2 Year2019 PhotographsMARKO MIHALJEVIĆ This building complex contains the offices, workshops and garages of the Croatian Transmission System Operator, Transmission Area Rijeka Centre. The buildings are located next to the existing substation, emphasising the industrial character of… Continue reading Electricity Transmission Operator Facility

Cultural Centre in Bakar

Project teamRandić and AssociatesSaša Randić, Vesna Milutin, Daša Manojlović, Olivija Horvatić, Tina Filjak Juračić, Iva Šulina, Sanja Ipšić-Randić, Iva Vucković StructureIvan Arbanas HVACAndrija Čuljak, Damir Šiljeg PhotographsJure Živković LocationBakar, Croatia Project2012.-2016. Cultural Centre in Bakar, a historical town on the north Adriatic coast, was originally built as Community Centre during the 1970’s. Community Centre’s had… Continue reading Cultural Centre in Bakar


The City of Šibenik is currently reinventing itself through projects that are changing the way the sea is used and perceived. One of the key engines of this transformation is the Mandalina Project, first initiated with construction of the port facilities and now with the hotel and resort project. The Marina is not just a… Continue reading MANDALINA DECKS


The bus station is situated in the vicinity of the old Delnice bus station, on the outskirts of the settlement, right next to the forest. The bus station consists of two architectural elements: the bus shelter and accompanying retail building, and the large zigzag roof covering the platform and bus shelter area. The building elements… Continue reading BUS STATION DELNICE


Faculty of Technology in Rijeka is located in former 19. CT military barracks. The building has been reconstructed in the 1960s, when were also added new workshops and laboratories to the north, connected with a metal bridge with the main building. This project is dealing with the space between these two buildings. Additional 3 floors… Continue reading FACULTY OF TEHNOLOGY


The housing structure in Volosko is being converted into 5 luxury apartments, the restaurant terrace is being reconstructed on the ground floor along with the construction of a wine cellar, assisting areas and a new terrace at the back of the structure. By reconstructing the restaurant, the existing interior space including the kitchen, sanitary installations… Continue reading LE MANDRAC RESTAURANT


The concept for the houses in Silves is based on the belief that tourism provides new opportunities for a redefinition of the contemporary territory, especially along the densely inhabited tourist areas.   When one states that tourism brings “discontinuities” in the contemporary territory, it is, in effect, a good thing: it brings emotions back into… Continue reading CASA GRANTURISMO


Zagrad project is located in the center of Rijeka. Project is located on top of the underground garage with 900 parking places and a future city train station. The mixed-use program of 18000 m2 consists of retail and office spaces and in third of housing. Center is divided in 6 separate office buildings, each with… Continue reading ZAGRAD OFFICE BUILDING


Adris Group Building project is a competition entry for the new headquaters of the company in Zagreb from 2007. The site was a former tobacco factory located in one of the blocks of the western part of the 19ct Zagreb Lower Town. The old factory building, buit in 1882, was to be preserved and transformed… Continue reading ADRIS OFFICE BUILDING

Kindergarten “Katarina Frankopan”

New kindergarten, on the island of Krk in Croatia, is located on northeastern border of the town, amongst mostly touristic apartments and shopping malls. In such unattractive neighborhood, this kindergarten is shaped as enclosed and introverted insula, surrounded with soaring stone walls. Inside of this small town-kindergarten, units-houses are combined with open gardens, placed next… Continue reading Kindergarten “Katarina Frankopan”

Green villa

The villa develops concept of the free-plan building, where the whole site is seen as an extension of the house. Building is defined with the flying green volume hovering on top of the ground floor. The ground floor contains living areas organized in a free plan, enclosed with the curved glass wall.  Inner and outside… Continue reading Green villa


The building is located in Zagreb, in a residential area from early 20th century. The area is a park with inserted houses, while the lot itself is located at a prominent place, the structure’s perimeters facing the city park. The villas have characteristic features in line with the then social etiquette: introverted, of simple geometry,… Continue reading D HOUSE


“Veli Vrh” is a Pula suburb with low-density housing dominated by the primary school situated on top of the hill. In February 2008 the school caught fire and was completely burned down, thus creating an unusual void bordering with pine trees in the middle of a typical suburban sprawl. This specific condition of emptiness served… Continue reading VELI VRH

Elementary school Fran Krsto Frankopan

Elementary school “Fran Krsto Frankopan” in the city of Krk is situated on north-east corner of the medieval town. Decision to locate the school within the medieval city was intensly discussed within the community and the city council. The central issue of the discussion was of course the dilema where to locate the building: within… Continue reading Elementary school Fran Krsto Frankopan

Pope John Paul II Hall

The Church of Our Lady of Trsat is one of the most important pilgrimage sites in Croatia. According to the legend, angels transferred the Nazareth Tabernacle of the Holy Family to Trsat on 10 May 1291 where it remained until 1294 when angels transferred it to Loreto, Italy. The first church was built at the… Continue reading Pope John Paul II Hall


The hotel is located on the top of the old town’s peninsula in the middle of one of the iconic views of the Adriatic coast. The current hotel is a mixed structure of the original construction from the 1960s and recent unfortunate additions that have motivated the city’s administration and the hotel owner to search… Continue reading HOTEL ROVINJ

Office building KORZO

The Partner Bank office building is situated in front of the medieval gate of Rijeka’s city center. The building originates from the 18th century, when it was one of the first buildings of Civitas nova, the baroque new town erected outside the city walls. It is flanked by two higher and more recent 19th century… Continue reading Office building KORZO


Novigrad Lapidarium Museum houses the collection of early medieval monuments, architectural sculpture and church furnishings, which all come from the neighbouring cathedral. Building is situated inside the park bordered by the cathedral and residential buildings on the other sides. One of the specifics of Novigrad, in comparison with other historical towns on the western coast… Continue reading LAPIDARIUM NOVIGRAD


Looking at Maribor’s riverbank one can’t escape the feeling that the city structure is seriously missing a large river-related opening. Recent constructions have gone even further, with big, anonymous, closed boxes becoming the dominant typology for the waterfront development consuming all available free space. The change of such practice is a priority to the city,… Continue reading MARIBOR DRAVA MUSEUM

NOSONJA (“Big-Nose”)

The office building project on Zagreb Avenue is an attempt to redefine the model of office buildings that have two main characteristics: they want to be a glass tower and are indifferent towards their surroundings. This project is set up on an opposite assumption. It’s debatable whether we can call an 18-storey building a tower,… Continue reading NOSONJA (“Big-Nose”)