The City of Šibenik is currently reinventing itself through projects that are changing the way the sea is used and perceived. One of the key engines of this transformation is the Mandalina Project, first initiated with construction of the port facilities and now with the hotel and resort project. The Marina is not just a… Continue reading MANDALINA DECKS


The housing structure in Volosko is being converted into 5 luxury apartments, the restaurant terrace is being reconstructed on the ground floor along with the construction of a wine cellar, assisting areas and a new terrace at the back of the structure. By reconstructing the restaurant, the existing interior space including the kitchen, sanitary installations… Continue reading LE MANDRAC RESTAURANT


The concept for the houses in Silves is based on the belief that tourism provides new opportunities for a redefinition of the contemporary territory, especially along the densely inhabited tourist areas.   When one states that tourism brings “discontinuities” in the contemporary territory, it is, in effect, a good thing: it brings emotions back into… Continue reading CASA GRANTURISMO

Green villa

The villa develops concept of the free-plan building, where the whole site is seen as an extension of the house. Building is defined with the flying green volume hovering on top of the ground floor. The ground floor contains living areas organized in a free plan, enclosed with the curved glass wall.  Inner and outside… Continue reading Green villa


The hotel is located on the top of the old town’s peninsula in the middle of one of the iconic views of the Adriatic coast. The current hotel is a mixed structure of the original construction from the 1960s and recent unfortunate additions that have motivated the city’s administration and the hotel owner to search… Continue reading HOTEL ROVINJ